Monday, October 03, 2005

Russia's nuclear arsenal

I for one, don’t think that it’s coincidental that the Russians made an announcement about the status of their nuclear arsenal last week. My expectation is that, at the present time, President Putin is waiting for some pre-arranged signal. Probably rioting by opposition protestors which spins “out of control” which will be followed by a request for the assistance of Ukraine’s Russian allies in the restoration of order. Then the tanks will come to Kiev like they did into Prague in ’68 and Budapest in ’56. And they won’t go home.

If everything goes according to plan for the Russians the West will probably impose sanctions, but will only do so half-heartedly. After all, not all that many people will care that much about Ukraine. After the elapse of a healthy period of time, there will probably be a referendum in the Ukraine and it’ll vote to reunite itself with Russia.

If this does come to pass: will it remind you of anything? As much as I hate to say it, a single word keeps creeping back into my head: Anschluss.